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Captain Goodvibes: My Life As A Pork Chop 1973-1981
Tony Edwards

Sold Out!
My Life As A Pork Chop. 1973-1981

Tony Edwards, Edited by Sean Doherty

Captain Goodvibes, the thinking man’s fuckwit, a lovable abomination, a cartoon pig who became a cult hero to a generation of Australian surfers. Valiantly battling the three-headed Hydra of sobriety, employment and authority, the Pig of Steel took bad taste, substance abuse and pointless revolution out of the gutter and onto the beach, souring young lives and stealing the promise of a bright future from the tiny hands. But The Captain’s story cannot be told without telling the story of his creator, Tony Edwards; an artist, family man, a man of refined sensibilities... and a man who had this horrific creature living inside him.

My Life as a Pork Chop is 400 pages of the very best and very worst of Captain Goodvibes.