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Closing Ceremony
Sold Out

Sold Out!
"It's a closing ceremony when pressing the shutter for creation."

Closing Ceremony Magazine is a ceremony for the traditional/classic photography and a warm welcoming to the new. We would like to offer a platform for those new photographers who might or might not get market recognition yet to present their works on printing and create a dialogue with the world.

The début issue is street photography. Well, street to photography is not something new, plenty of magazines and photographers were concentrated on this classic topic. Nevertheless, we found out through internet, social media that this classic topic are continuously discussed by a lot of young photographers. Then we invite the photographers to create this issue together. Interestingly, these photographers are intensively active, they would high-frequently post what they shoot in their cities. However, It also seems like a video-game, everyone involved trying complete their mission. That's what attracted us at the first place, it's a visual dialogue created by a circle of photographers sharing a similar style while they all have a strong personal style or techniques.

The internet and use of graphics software has facilitated an unprecedented speed, which has had a decisive impact on the ways we see and represent our direct environment. While at the same time, the new generation of photographers has found groundbreaking to relocate the borders, hence our awareness of urban reality. The bond between photography and the urban environment has to be reconsidered through a wider range of affiliations, and what makes contemporary street photography so compelling is its ability to lay bare the intricate that determine our perception of reality.

Closing Ceremony magazine début issue features 14 contributing photographers: Bruno Zhu, Corey Olsen, David Brandon Geeting, Daniel Everett, Go Itami, Hiroyuki Sato, Izaac Enciso, John MacLean, KangHee Kim, Ryan Oskin, Sergiy Barchuk, Shen Li, Xiaopeng Yuan and Yoshinori Mizutani, their unpublished new works and interviews along with an essay written by Joël Vachero (ECAL Teacher / Visual Researcher) and exhibitions.