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Sold Out!
A project for INDEPENDENT proposed by Matthew Higgs For the 2012 edition of INDEPENDENT we approached each of the participating galleries, project spaces, and publishers to each invite one artist they either represent or who they have worked with in the past to design a new logo for them. Of course galleries, for the most part, don’t have logos, and the few that have tried – the now shuttered Deitch Projects for example – always stood out like a sore thumb. Instead a gallery’s ‘public face’, its ‘look’ is often little more than a carefully and discretely chosen font, which over time – it is hoped – will become as recognizable as the work of the artists the gallery represents. Working in collaboration with MOUSSE the new, artist-designed logos for the participants of INDEPENDENT have been printed as stickers, which you are encouraged to distribute and disseminate in any way that feels appropriate.