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Trinie Dalton

Sold Out!

Writer, artist, musician and prolific zine-maker Trinie Dalton has said of her work, "The idea of introducing and contextualizing artists by hanging their art on the same wall is a fundamental one in the art world. To me, my zines are literary/art/music history anthologies, following the group-show or salon style. They're like parties on paper, and I want to be an exquisite host." Dalton's "parties on paper" bring together artists, musicians, critics, novelists, cartoonists and other less-classifiable cultural producers. Mythtym compiles the greatest hits from previous zines, as well as a new, 100-page piece on the subject of mirrors: As symbols in horror stories, psychological metaphors, as material for psychedelic art and the disco ball. Contributors include: Folkert de Jong, Takeshi Murata, Jim Drain, Jay Babock, Andrew Leland, Aura Rosenberg, Sue de Beer, Leif Goldberg, Matt Greene, Nick Lowe, Brian Sholis, Benjamin Weissman, Francine Spiegel, Derek McCormack, Jesse Bransford, Shamim Momin, Amy Gerstler, David Altmejd, Sammy Harkham, Rachel Kushner, Dennis Cooper, Marnie Weber, Banks Violette, Dearraindrop and Paper Rad.


160 pages

Published by PictureBox (December 1, 2008)

ISBN-13: 978-0981562247